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Hi, there! I'm Federica. I'm a native Italian translator
working from English and French into Italian.
I will help you get your message across, avoid misunderstandings,
overcome language barriers and capture your readers'hearts and minds!


Curious to gauge my skills? There you go! Here are some samples in my fields of expertise.
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Translation & Localization

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Need a translation? I translate from English and French into Italian, as well as from Italian to English if the kind of project allows me to. Localization, fluency, and cultural acceptance are key to my working style.

Proofreading & Editing

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Need someone to review your text? I can revise written or translated texts, getting rid of typos and punctuation mistakes (proofreading) or improving the overall style and grammar (editing).

MT Post Editing

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Machine Translation is your thing? No worries, I've got you covered. I can review machine-translated documents to give them a professional - and human! – touch!


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Before subtitling a video, it's important to create a transcription of the audio content. I can handle this task for you! I'll make sure to accurately transcribe everything that was said in the video, so you can have it in written form.


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Languages are like a secret code. Master the code, and previously locked-up doors will open up to you.

Federica Gaeta

I Take Care of Your Words.

I grew up in Turin, a beautiful city in Northwestern Italy, and I have always had a passion for foreign languages ever since I was a child. This is why I have continuously studied them, delving into grammar rules, technical jargon, and idiomatic expressions.

I always strive to find the best way to convey concepts and ideas. My innate curiosity and my love for challenges are key factors that help me achieve this goal. I never settle for the most obvious solution, which is rarely the best, and I never slack off in my training to constantly improve my skills.

With my previous experience working in the psychiatric field and writing for my own psychology blog, I have gained valuable copywriting skills and expertise in this sector, making me a specialized translator who knows their business. I pride myself on my attention to detail, my inquisitive nature, and my ability to deliver on time. I am always eager to listen to your needs and fulfill your requests to the best of my ability.

• Fields of expertise •

  1. Medicine & Psychology
    Articles, school and university texts, manuals, medical devices, package leaflets and SPCs, drug labeling, food supplements and food industry
  2. Tourism / Food & Beverage
    Websites, restaurants and menus, accommodation and touristic facilities, travel blogs, travel agency brochures, social media posts, enology
  3. Astronomy
    Articles and school texts, user manuals for optical instruments, social media posts, websites for space exploration, newspaper articles
  4. Technical Area
    User manuals for industrial machinery and electrical appliances, technical data sheets, owner's manual, instructions manual, scientific subjects

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Federica Gaeta: Traduttrice specializzata | Ricka'sTranslate

Translation is about creating whole new worlds of meaning.
Supporting knowledge.
Connecting minds.
Sharing wonder. I'm Your Go-To Professional Translator.


Post-Graduate Specialization

Professional Translator
Oxford Centre Group
Specialization training within my areas of expertise

Degree in Specialized Translation

Professional Translator
School for Interpreters and Translators S.S.I.T.
Qualified with 108/110 in 2023

Master of Arts

Mindfulness & Stress Management
Cognitive Psychotherapy School APC/SPC
graduated in 2016

Bachelor of Arts

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques
University Hospital & School of Medicine S. Luigi Gonzaga
graduated with honors in 2016

• Blog •

Read the blog articles to learn even more.
Article image blog | Ricka'sTranslate

A Few Tips for an Outstanding Collaboration

Why not consider hiring a freelance translator to provide you with top-notch translation services? That's a wise choice! But how can we be sure that...

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Keep an Eye Out for What's Next!

• F.A.Q. •

For any other question...

I work with both direct clients and companies, as well as with the translation agencies that I partner with.

I translate from English and French into Italian, and from Italian to English. Before starting any project, I always ask to view the source materials – if possible – so I can be sure to deliver the best results.

When working on a translation project for a private client or an agency, the process typically begins with the client sending me their text, or an excerpt, for me to view. I will then provide a quotation for the job, and our cooperation will begin. If you require subtitling, I will take care of your video in every detail. Throughout the project, we will maintain an open dialog, and I will follow your guidelines and preferences. Finally, I will revise the project for any trace of ambiguity and send it back to you in its correct version, as regards terminology, register, style, and formatting. If your text is from Italian to English, I will also collaborate with an English native speaker.

Yes, I use various computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to ensure internal text coherence and quality control. It's important to note that these tools are not machine translation tools, and your project will always be 100% human translation.

Each project receives a personalized quote based on factors such as language pairs, domain, complexity, length, and urgency. These factors help determine the most accurate and fair price for the work required.

Sure I do! I hold a degree in specialized translation for my three language pairs (EN<>IT and FR>IT), which was issued by the Higher School for Translators and Interpreters (S.S.I.T., Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori, operating in Italy since 1979), and is acknowledged by the European Federation of Education (F.E.D.E.) Additionally, I hold three language certifications:

  • CFG French Language Certificate C1 issued by the International Business Management Institute
  • GECT English Language Certificate C2 issued by the same institute
  • EF SET English Language Certificate C2 issued by EF Education First.

I also have a healthcare degree as a Mental Health Rehabilitation Professional, which was issued by the University Hospital and School of Medicine in Turin, and an MA in Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Management. These qualifications further enhance my translation skills in the field of healthcare and related topics.

Have you ever thought that simply speaking a foreign language was enough to provide a correct translation? Even worse, have you ever considered using a machine translation tool to get the job done quickly? Well, it's not that simple.
Mistakes in translation, lack of idiomatic expressions, or inadequate context can severely damage a company's or professional's public image. Each text type has its own set of rules, best practices, and codes, whether it's a website, recipe book, scientific essay, or a user's manual. All of these must be respected to build trust with your readers or potential clients and stand out in the crowded translation market we face today.
While machine translation has made significant progress, it's still light-years away from replacing a human translator who is a real expert in their field of expertise and cultural context. A professional translator can spot when something doesn't fit and ensure accuracy and fluency. By choosing a professional translator, you can significantly reduce the margin of error and increase your chances of success.


Don't settle for mediocre translations. Let's team!